Lucas Borrás is an international award-winning mix-media director.

Lucas has worked throughout Europe and the US, and his world-wide clients and projects span commercials, music videos and branded content. His work has been shown around the globe at festivals such as SXSW, Ottawa Animation Film Festival and St Kilda, among others, and has appeared in the New Museum in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston. He has been showcased on Vimeo Staff Picks, AdAge or Shoots, and has been awarded in various international competitions such as the Art Director’s Club, European Design Awards and LAUS.
USA +1 631.504.1341

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Art Directors Club NY
Vimeo Staff Picks
European Design Awards

LAUS Book 15. Spain 2015
LAUS Book 14. Spain 2014
LAUS Book 13. Spain 2013
LAUS Book 12. Spain 2012
Computer Arts Magazine 188. UK 2011
Stash 78. Canada 2011
LAUS Book 11. Spain 2011
Stash 64. Canada 2009
Selected Index-book. Spain 2010
Art Directors Club Catalogue 89th. US 2010
LAUS Book 10. Spain 2010
Celeste Catalog 09. Italy 2009
LAUS Book 09. Spain 2009
European Design Catalog 09. Zurich 2009
Web Design Index by Content. Amsterdam 2008

Selected clients

American Express
Erno Laszlo
Old Navy
Carolina Lemke
The New Museum
Storefront Art & Arquitecture

Festival Selection, Museums & Exhibitions Ottawa international animation Film festival. Canada. 13 / Anilogue International animation festival. Hungary 13 / CutOut fest. INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL. Mexico 13 / Supertoon. International animation festival. Croatia 13 / The New Museum. New York. USA 13 / /St Kilda Film Festival. Port Phillip. Australia 13 / /Holland Animation Film Festival. Utrecht. Netherlands 13 / Role Playback Exhibition. Union Art Gallery. Milwaukee. USA 12 / Museum of Fine Arts. Boston. USA 12 / SXSW. Austin. USA 12 / AMA. Art Museum of the Americas. Washington. USA 12 / Holland Animation Film Festival. Utrecht. Netherlands 12 / Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla. España 12 / Video Art Festival. Puerto Vallarta. Mexico 12 / Contemporany Art Gallery / Canary Islands Governement. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain 12 / Centro metropolitano de Diseño.
Buenos Aires. Argentina 12 / MARCO. Museo De arte Contemporaneo Vigo. Spain 12 / FIVAC La Habana. Cuba 11 / Viedram Festival Rome. Italy 11 / Screen Social. Cannes in a Van. London. UK 11 / Eye Candy For Strangers. NY. USA 11 / Big Screen Project. NY. USA 11 / REGION 0. Video Art festival of NY.USA 11 / The Art student league. New York 2010 / lectures. Barcelona. Spain 09 / Celeste Prize. Berlín. Germany 09
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